Student’s Rental Accommodation Industry, which using blockchain, AI, Big Data and Smart contracts by HOMT

Today only 60-70 % of nonresident students can get a place in a hostel, the rest have to look for other accommodation options, which is not always available in economic terms, and not always convenient. I have learned from my personal experience, namely, 8 years of studying in another city to get first secondary vocational education, then higher education, that it is difficult to find and rent a home.

At the same time, several solutions to this problem are being worked out.

The first option is to build new dormitories and modernize existing ones. Unfortunately, this option is the most expensive, since more than half of the existing dormitories for College students today are in a dilapidated state, and require not only current repairs, but also major reconstruction in order to meet modern requirements.

This option turns out to be expensive and requires searching for investments. The next option is to compensate students for renting housing. The option is interesting, but without specific analytical calculations — it is not functional. There is too much variation in offers of such housing from the owners.

And now imagine what additional difficulties arise for a student when he needs to study abroad without having any relatives or friends there. This already increases the complexity of searching for decent housing at an optimal and affordable price for several months or years, because now this market is dominated by large monopoly companies like Arbnb, Booking, Expedia and significantly inflate the cost of housing by making their commissions in this price and moreover do not provide full transparent information about the property and users have to put up with such conditions, as the process of searching for the owner becomes difficult every day and periodically run into fraudsters and lose their funds.

Therefore, today I will introduce you to such a project HOM Token, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

The concept of the platform is to create a central online real estate rental market, investing in this area for international students studying or seeking to study in the United States, North America and Europe, as well as for ordinary interested persons who want to profit from the activities of such an ecosystem.

The company is open and will be happy to cooperate with third parties, namely real estate owners to place their objects in the service-application, with which students will be able to conclude long-term lease agreements at more reduced and affordable prices. In addition, the company plans to buy suitable real estate options, lease them and build them with the funds that will be collected through the implementation of its own digital Hom tokens.

Students will receive a certain share of remuneration for free membership in this community in the form of digital tokens, provided that they pay their monthly rent and use other services, which the company will increase as it develops and enters into cooperation with new partners.

The company digitizes the selected real estate objects and offers to purchase security tokens in the format that allow holders to receive certain privileges and additional income when they hold them. Real estate owners who are ready to place their homes and apartments on this platform and accept the terms will also be encouraged and rewarded with bonus tokens for use in various own retail outlets or with partners.

In this case, the blockchain technology will allow an investor to participate in the financing of such a promising concept, even with a small amount, to become a holder of tokens in the privacy format using their laptop or smartphone, which solves the problem of opening global access to venture investment.

The company's main goal is to create a single profitable ecosystem for each of its participants, regardless of their status, whether they are investors, students or homeowners.

The Hom digital token is an ERC20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain and involves the use of smart contracts, which will ensure fast and secure interaction between participants of this market and solve the issue of trust. In the near future, the team plans to place its tokens on the Probit exchange, which is one of the top 20 best platforms in terms of volume and sale of digital assets.

Raising funds for the development of such an ecosystem is carried out by selling HOMT tokens and will allow the project to purchase real estate in various markets and provide students in need with the necessary housing in a couple of clicks and their number is already more than 6 million.

The team is engaged in creating a very useful and necessary platform for students by implementing innovative digital technologies in the form of blockchain, artificial intelligence, which help to reduce commissions, remove a lot of intermediaries and fraudsters. You will find all the necessary links below.


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